The Existential itch

Welcome to the discussion page for “The Existential itch”. I wrote this book between 2020 and 2022. It is due to be published later in 2023 by Gestalt Journal Press.

I am all too aware there may be some contentious issues raised in its pages, and there is possibility of misunderstanding; With this in mind, I have created this post to carry on debate, in the comments section about issues raised within the book.

If you have a question about anything raised in my book please ask them below and I will answer as best I can. Given my limited time I may not get to answer them all, but I will do my utmost.

When posting a question if you are referencing a comment I made within the book please give page reference or a direct (accurate) quote with page number. This will help me and others find the relevant article.

On my part there will be no censorship. If it is a legitimate question or comment about the book and its contents I will post it. This thread gets a lot of spam, so bear with me as I have to sift the chaff from the wheat.