As much as I want you to know about me

This Blog is a place for me to share my thoughts relating to psychology, philosophy and art. I am a Psychotherapist, Gestalt principally, but overall, existential, an artist, sometimes I write, but not often as my dyslexia is a hindrance. I tend to think in pictures not words, definitely not letters. Yet I am draw to words as a thing of beauty and experience envy when I read/hear spectacular writers, or listen to the discussions of articulate thinkers.

There are ideas which I see played out within therapy sessions, these ideas are abstract concepts made flesh in the people who I have the privilege to work with. I am also an artist, and frequently I have a desire to create something from my experience as a therapist. A formalisation of the abstract into an expressive construct. A Gestalt in may ways, the completion of contact in expression through art, as I so frequently lack the words to encapsulate the phenomenological, art must play its role in my withdrawal from contact to create space for a fresh figure to arise.

Don’t expect regularity in any of its forms. There will be sketches, very occasionally finished works or practice pieces, ideas pulled apart in an evolutionary thought process; and maybe even bad poetry.

Happy Browsing